Easy All Natural Chocolate Hand Dipped Vanilla Butter Cream Candies ~ Need I say more? (A Photo Recipe)


Cutting right to the chase, I LOVE chocolate. 

I don’t know if it’s every woman, or just me, but I crave it – and eat it – every day. Mostly, I am content with a few squares of my beloved Chocolove Premium Bars, or natural chocolate covered dried cherries we get from the Organic bulk bin section at Wegman’s.

But some days, I really want ooey, gooey, hand-dipped ‘Candy Shoppe’ Chocolates.


Hand Dipped Vanilla Butter Creams, Plain and with Sea Salt

But alas, the “good” Candy Shoppe is 20 minutes drive away, and a box of delicious Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Butter Creams costs nearly $20! 😦 What’s a girl to DO??

Around Easter time, it came up in conversation with my Mom that I love butter creams so much, I had broken my no-artificial-chemicals-in-food rule to eat a few Zitner’s Butter Cream Eggs (a Philly Area Tradition). I don’t usually get food guilt, but I had it with these. Because I wanted more.

Mom said, “My friend So and So told me that she makes Butter Creams from scratch. She is no Betty Crocker, so I bet you can make them too.” Um, thanks, Mom? Lol. So I googled a few recipes, and gleaned together one that isn’t exactly Candy Shoppe perfect, but is EASY to make and TASTES terrific. So, without further adieu, Let’s make Chocolates!


Freshly Dipped Chocolates, Ready to Chill in Fridge

  All Natural Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Butter Creams

(Makes 20 Chocolates – Recipe Can be Doubled)

*  Filling Ingredients:


Organic Ingredients

2 Cups of Organic Powdered Sugar, Sifted

4 Tbsp Organic Butter, Softened

1 tsp Good Quality Real Vanilla Extract

1 + 1/2 Tbsp Organic Heavy Cream


1. Combine all ingredients. Mix well until smooth looking and firm enough to hold it’s shape. If it is too loose, add more sugar. If it is too tight, add a drop or two more cream or vanilla. Taste and adjust to your liking, if needed.


Firm enough to hold it’s shape

2. Form into ¾ inch balls and place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper (to keep from sticking, I lightly greased the wax paper with butter). Pop into the Fridge to set up.


Vanilla Filling, Ready for Fridge

* Chocolate Ingredients:

1 Cup All Natural or Organic Chocolate Chips


Stir Until Completely Melted

3.Over a double boiler, just barely melt  about 80% of the chocolate. Pull off heat and stir with spatula or wire whisk until completely melted. Work with spatula until it is almost cooled to the touch. Add in the remaining 20% of the chocolate, Stirring until again completely melted and smooth in appearance.

4. Remove Cream Balls from Fridge. Carefully push all to one side of the greased tray.

5. Working quickly enough so the chocolate does not harden, dip each cream ball into the chocolate, turning or spooning to coat completely.

Place back onto greased sheet pan. To make fancier, spoon small amounts of leftover chocolate on the tops of each, using tip of spoon to create a swirled design.

6. When all are dipped, pop back in fridge until ready to serve. If desired, let sit out 5 minutes before serving. (I like mine cold!)


Chilled Chocolate Butter Cream Candies, Ready to Serve!

 7 . ENJOY!!  🙂

* Variations: Replace half of the vanilla extract with orange, raspberry, cherry, mint or almond essence. Or try mixing in or topping with toasted coconut, sea salt or finely chopped nuts.

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