Asian Pear, Ginger and Vanilla Bean Jam ~ A Simple Recipe to Make Yet Elegant and Complex in Flavor


Elegant Asian Pear, Hawaiian Ginger and Bali Vanilla Jam

It’s Apple & Pear Season here in Southeast Pennsylvania. Bruce bought some Local Asian Pears at a nearby farm market yesterday, but was not sure what to make with them. I suggested a jam, and he was all in.

I open the fridge to see the AMAZING looking “Hawaiian Ginger” grown by another nearby farm we frequent. It was probably picked just days ago. Asian Pear and Hawaiian Ginger. That sounds good. I went in the pantry to grab the sugar, and remembered I had a few Organic Vanilla Beans left from our trip to Bali. Asian Pear, Hawaiian Ginger and Bali Vanilla? Now, THAT Sounds FANTASTIC! So, Let’s Get Cooking!



Heat Diced Asian Pears with Sugar and Water. Add Grated Ginger and Split Vanilla Bean.

Asian Pear, Hawaiian Ginger and Bali Vanilla Jam

Cook & Prep Time: 45 Minutes   *   Makes 2 Cups of Jam

* Ingredients:


Grating Fresh Ginger

4 Cups of Diced Asian (or regular) Pears

2 Cups of Sugar (we use Organic)

1/4 Cup Water

1 Tbsp Grated Fresh Ginger

1 Real Vanilla Bean, Split

Clean Jar with Tight Fitting Lid

* Method: 

Place diced pear, sugar and water is saucepot, over medium low heat.

Stir until sugar starts to dissolve. Add the grated ginger to the pot,; stir.

Cut vanilla bean in half width-wise. Then, starting one inch from end, cut again lengthwise, splitting the bean.

Add the whole split bean to the pot. Simmer on a low boil, stirring often.


Cut Real Vanilla Beans Lengthwise to expose seeds

Jam will foam up, then begin to reduce. Continue cooking until the mixture thickens and reduces by half.

Remove from heat, and set aside to cool. That’s It! It’s Done!


Spoon cooled Jam into the clean Jar.

Place jar in the fridge, but leave the lid off overnight to avoid condensation.


Oooh, Sweet and Gooey and Full of Vanilla Seeds!

Cover tightly with lid the next morning.

Assuming you don’t polish it off in a few days, Jam should keep in fridge for several weeks.


Delicious Asian Pear, Hawaiian Ginger and Vanilla Bean Jam

This Jam is light, delicious and complex. We hope you decide to give it a try.

Cheers, and Happy Eating!

8 thoughts on “Asian Pear, Ginger and Vanilla Bean Jam ~ A Simple Recipe to Make Yet Elegant and Complex in Flavor

    • Yes! I’m sure you could preserve it longer using a water bath. We do not know how long it will keep that way. Ours never really lasts more than two or three weeks… before we eat it all! Try it with Aged Cheeses and Crusty Bread. Mmm!

  1. Hi, the recipe sounds delish. Unfortunately you can freeze but not can because of the acidity factor. Per the USDA Canning guide…”All home-canned Asian Pears must be acidified before canning in a boiling water canner to make them safe from the microorganism that causes botulism…Add 1 tablespoon bottled lemon juice per pint jar or 2 tablespoons per quart jar.”

  2. This is a great jam!!!! I did can a bit–simply added lemon juice. Will be making another batch as my hubby has already finished of 1 cup of it–won’t bother canning this batch ;-). So glad to find a new to use our crop of Asian Apple Pears.

    • Thanks, Pat! We’re glad you tried it. Now you see why we never needed to “can” it! This is my favorite jam, ever. Seems your Hubby agrees. Lol! I love it with crusty bread and aged cheeses, and it’s great with Peanut Butter. When no one is looking, I eat it by the spoonful! 😋

  3. Reblogged this on Musings in Life and commented:
    I have an Asian Pear tree in my little orchard…. I’m making this jam recipe next year! This year I’m about to use the last of my pears to make an Asian Pear/ Apple tart with organic sprouted wheat flour pasty crust. I LOVE making pies and tarts 🙂 YUM!

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