Asian Pear, Ginger and Vanilla Bean Jam ~ A Simple Recipe to Make Yet Elegant and Complex in Flavor


We had this as a snack on a toasted multi-grain baguette last night. It is DELICIOUS! Would pair wonderfully with a sharp European cheese.

Mmm, Taste This!

It’s Apple & Pear Season here in Southeast Pennsylvania. Bruce bought some Local Asian Pears at a nearby farm market yesterday, but was not sure what to make with them. I suggested a jam, and he was all in.

I open the fridge to see the AMAZING looking “Hawaiian Ginger” grown by another nearby farm we frequent. It was probably picked just days ago. Asian Pear and Hawaiian Ginger. That sounds good. I went in the pantry to grab the sugar, and remembered I had a few Organic Vanilla Beans left from our trip to Bali. Asian Pear, Hawaiian Ginger and Bali Vanilla? Now, THAT Sounds FANTASTIC! So, Let’s Get Cooking!


Asian Pear, Hawaiian Ginger and Bali Vanilla Jam

Cook & Prep Time: 45 Minutes   *   Makes 2 Cups of Jam

* Ingredients:

4 Cups of Diced Asian (or regular) Pears

2 Cups of Sugar (we use…

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