Poached Pears with Condensed Milk and Chocolate Ganache ~ Mmm!


Poached Pears with Condensed Milk and Ganache

This is another example of creating something delicious with whatever you have on hand.

We both wanted dessert. We had three local pears that had to be used up. He said “I can poach them in simple syrup.” That sounded good. I said, “I have an open can of sweetened condensed milk, a new bag of chocolate chips, and a little heavy cream left.”

Bruce poached the peeled pears in boiling sugar and water. Then we cooled them in the freezer. Just before serving, Bruce heated the cream over a double boiler, and folded an equal amount of chocolate chips into it. He drizzled the cooled pears with sweetened condensed milk, and then the ganache. I sprinkled a small amount of raw sugar over it, just to make it glisten.

We just threw this together with what we had, and it was FABULOUS! I mean, lick the bowl fabulous.

So, again it shows you CAN go into the kitchen with no ideas, and still come up with something great.

Get creative – and please feel free to share your ideas with us. If we try it, and it’s good – we’ll post it, with your credit!

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