Spiced Apple Spring Rolls with Vanilla Sauce!


Scrumptious Pan Fried Spiced Apple Chinese Blintzes

Mmm! Lookie what we made for dessert tonight! Yum!

So about an hour ago, Bruce said “I want Dessert”. I said “We don’t really have anything.”

He said there’s two apples left. I saw spring roll wrappers in the freezer,


Prepared Spring Roll Wrappers

a can of condensed milk…we looked at each other, and then… this happened:
“Spiced Apple Spring Rolls” with Vanilla Sauce!

Three Words this time: Oh. Em. Gee!


Spices: Sugar, Cinnamon, Mace,Vanilla, Cloves & Sea Salt

These only took 30 minutes start to finish.

Made with our own Easy Apple Compote Recipe and packaged Spring Roll Wrappers, these babies are sweet, warm and juicy.


Warm Spiced Apple Compote Filling

I just “winged” the Vanilla Sauce using a little sweetened condensed milk, almond milk, a liberal amount of vanilla extract, and sifted powdered sugar, warmed over a double boiler.


Tah-Dah! Dessert from nothing in 30 minutes!

Cheers, and Happy Eating!

For Our own Apple, Raisin & Spice  Filling Recipe: Click Here

6 thoughts on “Spiced Apple Spring Rolls with Vanilla Sauce!

    • I usually know the answer to this question. :p But I don’t! They are local Pennsylvania apples we picked up at a little “honor system” stand about 2.miles from our house. These were tart and good for baking, but honestly any kind would do. I think pears would substitute well, as would vanilla ice cream instead of the sauce. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers!

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