Chocolate Ganache ~ So Easy You’ll Wish You’d Made It Sooner!



It is no secret to anyone that I loooove Chocolate, in almost any form! But there is just something about smooth, creamy Ganache. Years ago, I would buy almost anything, if it was covered in Ganache. When I met Bruce, and told him of my addiction  adoration, he said “Ganache is easy to make. Didn’t you know?” Truth was, I didn’t, Ever since, it is a regular visitor around our house. 🙂 So, enough about that –  Let’s Get Cookin’!

* Chocolate Ganache Glaze*


1 cup dark chocolate (semi sweet chips work fine)

1 cup half & half

Pinch cinnamon

* Method:

Place the chocolate and the half & half in a metal mixing bowl. Place the bowl over a sauce pot of simmering water. Mix the chocolate, cinnamon and cream with a clean wooden spoon until the chocolate just starts to melt. Turn off heat.


That’s It! Luscious, Decadent Chocolate Ganache, ready to spread on cupcakes, eclairs, donuts, or to dip strawberries in!

Sometimes, when no one is looking I just eat it plain, right out of the bowl! 😀

You can add a little powdered sugar  or more chocolate to this to make a frosting, truffles, to pipe it, or use as a dip!

This is so easy and versatile, once you try it the first time, you will wonder why you didn’t start making it sooner! It may just become a regular visitor at your house too!

Cheers, and Happy Eating!

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