Lemon & Coconut Butter Cream Candies




If you’ve been following us, you know our M.O. is using what we already have on hand to make meals and treats. Today was my turn, so it was ~ Treats! I had good intentions to make some Iced Lemon Cookies, but the day got away from me. Secretly, really I wanted more Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites, or some kind of creamy candy instead.

With creamy candy on my mind, I remembered now I was left with two lemons that had to be used soon, and a bag of organic powdered sugar. Hmm. Powdered sugar. I used that to make Chocolate Vanilla Butter Creams…. (light bulb goes off)

Mmm, I know! LEMON BUTTER CREAMS! That sounds yummy!


Sugar & Zest, Toasted Coconut and Pecan Lemon Creams

I’ve been sharing a lot of chocolate recipes lately. Thus, I pondered what to coat my candies with instead. I had a bag of chopped pecans, extra powdered sugar & zest, and leftover Toasted Coconut from our Quinoa Porridge. With a basic Butter Cream Recipe and those three coating ideas, off I went to the kitchen to experiment.

Trying all three, several times for good measure ( 😉 )… Bruce and I both agreed the Toasted Coconut ones were the Taste Winners, by a landslide. The experiment was a success, and I am pleased with the end result…So, Ready? Let’s Get Cookin’!!

* Toasted Coconut Lemon Butter Creams *


l – Powdered Sugar & Softened Butter
r – Sift the Sugar


2 cups Powdered Sugar, sifted

4 TBSP Butter, Softened

1 Lemon – will need 2-3 TBSP of juice, and 1 TBSP zest

1 1/2 TBSP Coconut Milk, or Heavy Cream

– Baking Sheet Lined with Buttered Wax Paper

– 1/2 Cup of Toasted Coconut Flakes mixed with 1 tsp Granulated Sugar for Coating


Sift powdered sugar into large mixing bowl. Add all the rest of the filling ingredients and mix until it becomes smooth. It should be pretty thick, so it can be easily handled – the mixing spoon should stand up on it’s own. Taste and adjust to your liking. If it is not Lemony enough, and too thick to stir, add more juice & zest. If it is too Lemony and too thick, add a little more coconut milk. If it is too thin to shape, add more powdered sugar.


Smooth, Creamy, Lemon Filling Mixture

Place bowl of cream in the fridge for 10 minutes until firm. Meanwhile, prepare the baking sheet and place the toasted coconut in an even layer on a plate. Pull the mix out of the fridge, and using a teaspoon, scoop a small amount of cream in to your hands, Working quickly so they don;t melt too much, roll scoop into a ball, and then drop into the dish of coconut.

Gently roll ball in coconut until coated, and place on butted sheet pan. [see photo above] Continue until all the cream is rolled in balls, and rolled in coconut. Place sheet pan in the fridge again, for at least 15 minutes. That’s IT! They are done!

 Now you have scrumptious, decadent, melt in your mouth

Toasted Coconut Lemon Butter Creams!

Lemon Butter Creams

Lemon Butter Creams

My friend Mary Beth swears these would be amazing coated with glazed & salted pecans.

My other friend, Sue, says I should have tried them chocolate dipped anyhow. Both suggestions sound delicious to me, and I got a few ideas for different filling flavors.

I guess there will have to be a lot more experimenting with Butter Creams in my future!

Hope there will be in YOURS too!

Cheers, and Happy Eating!

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