Greetings From Sunny Belize! Wish You Were Here!


We love to travel to interesting places.

This week, we are on Holiday in our favorite destination –

San Pedro, Ambergris CayeBelize!

Beautiful Ambergris Caye, Belize

People Always ask “Where’s Belize?”

Belize is a tiny Caribbean country in Central America, just south of Mexico, and East of Guatemala. We’ve been coming to this beautiful and colorful land for many years.

The food is fresh, the people welcoming. The sky is blue, the sand is white, and the sea is 10 shades of turquoise.

Come along with us! We would like to share some of our culinary experiences…

Ladies Making Pupusas

Freshly Caught Snapper

…and some not so culinary experiences  – with you!

Colorful Afro-Caribe Garifuna Drummers

Do we love it here? YOU BETTA BELIZE IT!

Chef Bruce enjoys delicious Central American Cuisine

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