Why We’ve Been “M.I.A.” ~ We Moved to a Tropical Island!


Beautiful Ambergris Caye, Belize

Yes, you read that right. We’ve been “missing in action” – not posting much – because we were busy packing up or throwing out everything we own to move to a beautiful, palm studded, sandy beached Caribbean Island!

The first thing people ask is “Why?”. We’ve been visiting Ambergris Caye – an island off the coast of Belize, Central America – for several years. I first visited in 1993, and fell in love with it’s laid back vibe, friendly people and warm trade winds. After trying a few other destinations, I returned to “AC” in 2000, 2002, and 2003. It is not for everyone, but it set my personal bar of what I desire in a Tropical Caribbean Island Destination.

I met Bruce in 2005, and together we have traveled to many beautiful places. In 2007, I took him to my beloved San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. He too saw what I saw. We returned to Belize twice more that year – including once to get married! 🙂 We continued to visit “Our other home, San Pedro” two to three times a year – and after more than 15 trips to our favorite quirky island, we decided it was time to make it our real home.

Me & a Pineapple Mango Smoothie at Wild Mangos in San Pedro

So, back to “Why?” There are a lot of reasons why life points us here or there. But if that isn’t answer enough, ARE YOU LOOKING AT THESE PHOTOS??? Pretty good reason, huh? Haha! People say to me that these photos look like post cards. Nope. I took them with my phone, so this is really how it looks:

At Grand Caribe Villas, North Ambergris Caye

If that, and the warm, humid, breezy tropical climate wasn’t enough, there is the fresh food!

 CLICK HERE to read about buying fresh seafood in San Pedro, like this succulent Caribbean Lobster:


Caribbean Spiny Lobster Tails

There is also lots of fresh tropical Fruits and Vegetables, available at various stands up and down the island.


Bruce at an island produce stand

Additionally, San Pedro hosts several interesting cultures and cultural events of Belize, including the Garifuna and the Maya.

Maya Celebration Dancers on 12/21/12

Clean air, crystal turquoise sea, bright stars, and even fresh coconut water!

How to Get Coconut Water in Belize

So, forgive us for not being around much lately while we packed up to move 1500 miles south to settle into our dream home in San Pedro, Belize. Hope you continue to follow our culinary (and new life) adventures from San Pedro, Belize!

Bruce & Me in Tres Cocos, Ambergris Caye


6 thoughts on “Why We’ve Been “M.I.A.” ~ We Moved to a Tropical Island!

  1. We had been living in Costa Rica for the last year and a half and decided we would like a change so we have been backpacking through Central America up the Caribbean coast. We stayed in Hopkins, Belize for a few nights and absolutely loved it! We are for sure considering coming back to Belize probably one of the islands to stay for awhile! I will stay tuned to hear any advice you may have!

    • That’s awesome, Kim! We visited Puerto Viejo, CR several times, and really love it. Wild jungle and pristine beaches. But it’s a bit remote for us, and and Belize is an easier living style. Cental America is so diverse and interesting. Enjoy your travels!

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