“Travel Cooking with Bruce” ~ Conch Ceviche…from Beautiful San Pedro, Belize!


 Check out our latest, impromptu, on the fly, taping of:

Travel Cooking with Bruce ~ Conch Ceviche from San Pedro, Belize!


Fresh Conch Ceviche & Chips

Here, Chef Bruce shows us how to make Conch Ceviche – from our Kitchen in our new home  –

In Beautiful San Pedro, Belize!

Ceviche is much like Pico de Gallo Salsa, but made with a main ingredient of diced fish,

which is usually “cooked” by marinating in Lime Juice.

Fresh and bright, it is a Caribbean Favorite!

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making [and eating] it!

We make these videos just for fun, so please no critiques on my amateurish filming, editing or narration. 🙂

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Beautiful San Pedro, Belize

Beautiful San Pedro, Belize

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***  Travel Cooking with Bruce ~ Conch Ceviche from San Pedro, Belize! ***

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