Reader Question: Roux vs Slurry – What is the difference?


Roux vs Slurry – What is the Difference?

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We Received a terrific question from a curious Reader:

Can someone please explain to me the difference between a roux and a slurry? Is there even a difference?

Thanks! 🙂

Answer from Chef Bruce: 

Hi [Reader]. This is a very good question!
A roux is equal parts butter & flour (equal by weight). You would use a roux to thicken sauces and soups. The rule I use with using a roux is that a roux starts a soup or sauce. For example, if you were making a chowder, you would saute the vegetables in butter and then add the flour; and work the flour until it is a bit cooked. Then you add your water, milk or stock. A roux should be cooked before adding the liquid.

A Step-by-Step How To Photo Pictorial Learn How To Cook - How To Photo Pictorial Steps Making A Roux

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A slurry is equal parts water and flour and should be added when the soup or sauce is almost done. You can mix in a dish, or shake in a container. (see photo) You must cook the soup for a bit once added, as the flour in the slurry still needs to cook.

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Really, both work well. You should try both and see which works for you. If you have any other questions, please ask! 🙂

~ Chef Bruce West

Cheers, and Happy Eating!

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A Step-by-Step How To Photo Pictorial Learn How To Cook - How To Photo Pictorial Steps Making A Roux

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Caye Lime Coconut Butter Cream Candies! ~ Made in Beautiful BELIZE!


Woot! We are on holiday in sunny San Pedro, Belize


We have been coming to the gorgeous Caribbean Island of Ambergris Caye (prounounced “Amber-Grease [or gris] Key”) for several years, and have developed friendships with a lovely and diverse group of people.


Just 4 Simple Ingredients!

Today, a dear friend came to cook and lunch with us. While it was a casual thing, I wanted to have a little sweet treat for after our savory meal.

But some ingredients I use often at home are not available here, as they would have to be imported and barged here. Like Lemons.

Some recipes won’t hold up in the tropical heat & humidity.

I had to think about what I could easily purchase that was inexpensive,

quick & easy enough to make in an hour, work,

and still make us go, “Mmmm!”.


Beautiful San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

As soon as I made my Lemon Coconut Butter Creams, I thought they would be awesome in a Caye Lime Version. So today I whipped them up while lunch was being prepared – AND THEY CAME OUT YUMMY! So, here is the Lemon Coconut Butter Cream again, using LIME instead of Lemon! 🙂

Caye Lime Coconut Butter Creams



Lime Butter Cream Mixture

2 cups Powdered Sugar, sifted

4 TBSP Butter, Softened

1 or 2 Limes – will need 2-3 TBSP of juice, and 1 TBSP zest

Scant Pinch of salt (adds balance to the sugar)

– Baking Sheet Lined with Buttered Wax Paper

– 1/2 Cup of Toasted Coconut Flakes (Recipe HERE) for Coating  – Optional: mix with 1 tsp Granulated Sugar


Sift powdered sugar into large mixing bowl. Add all the rest of the filling ingredients and mix until it becomes smooth.

Taste and adjust to your liking. If it is not Lime-y enough add more zest. If it is too thick, add more juice. If it is too thin, add more powdered sugar.

Place in Fridge 10-15 minutes to chill to firm (in Belize, I used the freezer). Cream should be thick enough be easily handled – the mixing spoon should stand up on it’s own.


Butter Creams, Ready for the Freezer

Meanwhile, prepare the baking sheet and place the toasted coconut in a shallow bowl, or on a dish. Pull the mix out of the fridge. Using a teaspoon, scoop a bite-sized bit of cream in to your hands, Working quickly so they don’t melt too much, pat into a roundish shape (they do not need to be perfect!), and then drop into the dish of coconut.

Gently cover ball & pat gently in coconut until coated, and place on butted sheet pan[see photo above] Continue until all the cream is rolled in balls, and rolled in coconut. Place sheet pan in the fridge (or freezer) again, for at least 15 minutes.


Mmm! Caye Lime Coconut Butter Creams!

That’s It! They’re Done!

Now you have scrumptious, decadent, melt in your mouth

Caye Lime Coconut  Butter Creams!

Cheers, and Happy Eating!

Bloggers Blogging … Us!


This is a photo of a Blogger

Taking a photo of a Blogger…

Taking a photo of a Blogger…

‘Belize Travel Examiner’, ‘Ambergris Today’ Online Paper, and ‘Our Tasty Travels’
Enjoying Dinner by Chef Bruce


taking a photo… Of Bruce’s Cooking! 🙂


This was what they were photographing:


Belizean Shrimp & Pork Shumai by Chef Bruce

And this:

Crispy Coconut Lobster & Shrimp in Sesame Orange Sauce
Photo Credit: Dorian Nunez

This was a first for us. Lots of fun, and pretty exciting.

Hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!

Cheers, and Happy Eating!

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Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter ‘Love Bites’ ~ A Sinfully Scrumptious All Natural Treat!


Scrumptious Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites

Last night, I was craving a decadent sugary treat. Specifically, I wanted peanut butter cups. For the past two years, we no longer buy processed candies or junk foods.  Time to get creative. I know I have [organic] Peanut Butter in the cupboard, and a bag of [all natural] chocolate chips, and I’m pretty sure I have some [organic] powdered sugar left. A little creative thinking, an idea that led to a better idea, and two or three Google searches later…I decided to make all-natural Frozen Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Bites! That should fit my craving bill!

I looked at a few recipes on Google. One had WAY too much butter! Two called for wax for the coating. Several called for hydrogenated candy melts. No, no and no! I wanted Natural Ingredients. So again getting creative, I took the best parts of the recipes I read, and made my own. And you know what? They came out pretty good!  As usual, it was not hard. They are similar to our Chocolate Butter Creams Recipe. If I can make these, so can you. It just takes desire and a little time – or what i call “Putting Love Into It”. Well, enough about that…Let’s Get Cooking!


Mmmm, Love Bites!

Frozen Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter ‘Love Bites’

Total Prep Time, Start to Eating: 1 hour

2 TBSP Butter, Softened

1 Cup Peanut Butter

1 Cup Powdered Sugar

1 tsp Real Vanilla Extract

1 1/4 Cups Chocolate Chips

Baking sheet, lined with lightly buttered waxed paper

Cream 2 tbsp softened butter with the peanut butter & powdered sugar. I used a small processor, but it can also be done by hand. Taste mixture, and if desired, add a little more sugar, vanilla or pb to your personal liking. The mixture should not be too loose to handle.

Roll mixture into 3/4″ balls, or drop by half spoons, onto buttered waxed paper lined sheet. Place PB Balls in freezer for 10 min.


Heat 1 cup of choc chips on double boiler (or in microwave) till not quite melted.  

Remove from heat & stir until fully melted. Add 1/4 cup more chips, and stir till melted again.

Remove pb bites from freezer, and dip in – or spoon chocolate over – till all are covered.

 Freeze again for 15 more minutes… and they are READY!

They melt quickly so eat them immediately. Store any remaining Bites in the freezer. They are even better the next day. 🙂

I made this recipe by combining others to making my own liking. Everyone’s taste is different, and you can feel free to adjust yours to your own tastes. Try topping with chopped nuts or toasted coconut. I find that making my own treats feels rewarding, rather than cheating.

Smooth Creaminess Enveloped in Decadent Chocolate

These are Really delicious, and would be a fun recipe to do with kids. Hope you decide to give this recipe a try!

Cheers, and Happy Eating!

Spiced Apple Spring Rolls with Vanilla Sauce!


Scrumptious Pan Fried Spiced Apple Chinese Blintzes

Mmm! Lookie what we made for dessert tonight! Yum!

So about an hour ago, Bruce said “I want Dessert”. I said “We don’t really have anything.”

He said there’s two apples left. I saw spring roll wrappers in the freezer,


Prepared Spring Roll Wrappers

a can of condensed milk…we looked at each other, and then… this happened:
“Spiced Apple Spring Rolls” with Vanilla Sauce!

Three Words this time: Oh. Em. Gee!


Spices: Sugar, Cinnamon, Mace,Vanilla, Cloves & Sea Salt

These only took 30 minutes start to finish.

Made with our own Easy Apple Compote Recipe and packaged Spring Roll Wrappers, these babies are sweet, warm and juicy.


Warm Spiced Apple Compote Filling

I just “winged” the Vanilla Sauce using a little sweetened condensed milk, almond milk, a liberal amount of vanilla extract, and sifted powdered sugar, warmed over a double boiler.


Tah-Dah! Dessert from nothing in 30 minutes!

Cheers, and Happy Eating!

For Our own Apple, Raisin & Spice  Filling Recipe: Click Here

How to Make Delicious Warm Apple Compote Filling in 15 minutes!


Warm Apple Compote Stuffed Crepes

Since Apple Season is in ‘Full Swing’ here in the Northeast US, I thought it seemed timely to post an Apple Recipe! Warm Apple Compote is pretty easy to make, yet delivers big on taste. Use this versatile filling with your favorite desserts or pastry recipes.

Easy Warm Apple Compote & Filling

Total Prep & Cook Time: 15 Minutes * Yield: 2 Cups of Filling

* Ingredients: 


All Natural Ingredients

4 apples, peeled, cored and sliced thin

2 Tblsp unsalted butter

2 Tblsp sugar or Honey

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Pinch salt

1 tsp corn starch or tapioca flour, mixed with 2 Tblsp water

* Method:

  1. Saute sliced apples in butter until apples start to wilt (do not burn)
  2. Add sugar or honey and cook until sugar melts and starts to form bubbles
  3. Add salt, cinnamon and corn starch slurry and cook until all boils. Turn off flame and remove from heat.

Just-Picked Local Apples

Mmmm, That’s It!

Use your Home Made, Fresh Warm Apple Compote to stuff crepes, fill turnovers,

or as a topping for pancakes, waffles, or ice cream.

Cheers, and Happy Eating!